Audio Samples.

The table below demonstrates MP3 streaming and how the list will display.  I have assumed that you wouldn't want the samples actually downloadable.  However, if you do let me know and I will add the functionality easily enough.

The table is generated automatically, you simply need to upload the tracks into the specified directory.  The files will then be read by the CMS and listed in this table.  The name of the track will only be shown if the information is present in the MP3 file itself, I.e:  Song name in the "Title" field, artist name in the "Artist" field.  If you don't have these details in your MP3 you can (using windows) right click the MP3, click properties and then click the details tab to enter the information.  If the information is not available then the table will just show the file name.  The list is sorted alphabetically, by file name (not by song title).  It's worth keeping this in mind when naming your tracks.

The tracks below are snippets from a recording made last year.  Picked, because they're our recordings and there for I can legally use them.

The directory details for your MP3's are in the instructional e-mail.  When editing this article do not delete the line of code at the bottom, this enables the MP3 playlist.


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